Methods of cutting in Fusion 360

I was wondering how many different ways there were to cut parts in fusion 360. I recently got fusion and watched a couple tutorial videos. I have been using the midplane technique, but have heard that there is a way that you can make a sketch and extrude it. What are all the different ways?

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This is a helpful video. Start watching at 16:12 to learn how to cut a part.


Use the mid plane technique where you construct a midplace between where you need to cut and split body… than you can remove that body

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I was just wondering how many methods there were… I use the midplane technique. I already know how to cut peices

So are there only two methods?

Well, cutting with a plane is one way, using an extruded cut feature is another. Alternatively, you can save a copy of the part and modify it to the length desired, rather than cutting away what isn’t needed (save the part with a new name!).

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Here’s a tutorial of cutting the other way. Hope that’s helpful!


Ok thanks. I think I’ve got it now

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