Methods of launching a disc with little space to work with?

We have built a robot that is similar in design to the VEX V5 “Disco” robot which can be found under the downloads for build instructions on their website. However while the robot is effective in collecting and storing the discs we would like it also to be able to launch the disc (if possible to the height of the basket). We have thought about adding a flywheel, but the platform that we need to build to support the flywheel would make our robot’s length too long to be entered into the “Spin Up” competition. We had also thought about making a “puncher” like system which we are fairly certain would be within the length requirements, but we do not have the “Linear Motion Kit V2” (which we think is needed to make an effective puncher) as it is sold out on the website where we usually buy our VEX parts from and the delivery from VEX is of similar price to the kit itself. We would be very grateful for any ideas you may have on solving our problem.


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Hi, so one of the teams in our organization made a disco but and added a flywheel and it was in size limits. If for some reason it isn’t with in size limits for your team then you can make the tray that holds the discs a little bit shorter to you can fit the flywheel. Another way you can add a “flywheel” is if you mount the wheel vertically. So instead of placing the flywheel on the side, you could place the flywheel on the top so it makes contact with the top of the disc which would also launch the disc.