Michigan State Championship Spreadsheet

Hello All!

I have compiled a decent chunk of data relating to the 2019 Michigan State Championships. This data is collected from every competition (minus league results and signature events) in order to get an understanding of every team currently registered for the state championship. It has two scheduled revisions, one on 2/9/19 and the other whenever the team list for states has been filled (I have no idea when).

If there are any mistakes or things you would like to see added either PM me or reply to this thread directly and I will be able to fix those for the next revision

WP- Win Percentage, simply the percentage of matches a team wins
AP- Autonomous Percentage, Simply the percentage of matches a team wins autonomous
Placing- How far said team placed in the tournament portion of the competition
Key Matchups- Matches where all participants are qualified for the state championship

I decided to remove league results from the calculations because teams do not need to necessarily be present at every league day, this leads to the potential of teams from different programs not having a chance to play each other, leading to a non-random match schedule and the potential of skewed results.
Signature Events(and the Monroe August Scrimmage) were removed from the calculations because under both, different states were competing, and the goal of the data is to try and see the results against Michigan teams instead of other regions.
Percentages are used instead of the classic Win Points and Auton Points out of the obvious reason that a team could have the same Win Points as another but play fewer matches and having a lower winning percentage, it is mostly for the purpose of comparing multiple teams in a standardized way
Why aren’t ties counted? Well sadly I did not account for how close matches are in my calculations, and as the WP name suggests, it is based on wins, not ties. This is something that I am considering for my second revision but finding a way to make the results fair when comparing different teams will take some time as competitions significantly vary in the number of competitive teams in attendance (if you have any ideas on how to do this I’d love to hear).

In the spirit of VEX, I have decided to make the data public as we are more a collaborative community than a cutthroat competitive environment.

2019 Michigan State Championships Spreadsheet.xlsx (26 KB)


when windows automatically opens a .xlsx file with notepad… -_-
looks cool!

Wow! Thats a bunch of work. We were going to start working on something like this as well, so we could get an idea of how the competition stacks up.

Thanks for sharing!

Oops. This looks like high school. I have a middle school team. Still thanks. I can convert the team info.

Hello All! I apologize for the slight delay in uploading the second revision for this spreadsheet, snow days really got the best of me. Attached is the revised version of the spreadsheet, still waiting on two of the slots for states to be allocated (I believe I found who but I will not say for certain). All of the Michigan Qualifiers have concluded as of 2/10. I accidentally set the first revision as Read-Only, that has been fixed.


Link to Spreadsheet(Google Drive)