Micro Tank......

I just finished building my micro tank, it is a very tiny robot and i plan on getting a mini penny sized wireless camera from ebay to put on this. For only $9.99 lol!

Here are some pictures

Tell me what you guys think of this, i believe this is the smallest possible robot that can be made with vex but if not i would like to know how to make it smaller.

I really want to turn this into a micro spy bot which would be awesome!

great bot! its not technically the smallest that can be because you could take off all sensors and everything to make it smaller, great job though!

thats freakin awesome, i might try to do that!

It has one of the smallest footprints for a bot. Good job, but someone already beat you to it.

omg!!! i forgot about that, they look kind of the same!!

Regardless whether or not this is the smallest it is still a very nice robot, good work. How does it run, it looks like it might be a little top heavy. Also what kind of code do you have on it right now?

Check out his robot that I made a year ago.



I tested this tank, it works good and it drives fast.


Small Size


Top heavy
To much torque( not really a con but it makes the tank do wheelies when combined with the weight)

The tank was able to drive forward fast, but when you go in reverse the tank might flip because it has so much torque and top weight.

I will see if i can get a video of this.

A tank tread drive that can pop wheelies is kinda cool.

Move the battery pack below the robot.

If i remove the upper level with the sensors i can move the battery pack on top of the micro controller. That should make it more centered in terms of weight.

And this thing really does pop wheels, i just need to add a roll cage or something like that so it can get back up.

Also that stair climber robot i was working on work to some extent, the concept worked great, but the part that winded the the string up was to high which pulled the robot downward into a little soft spot in my stairs causing the robot to get stuck, i will try to finish this robot over the weekend.