Microchip Arizona vex tournament!

Today was the first tournament for Arizona. It was also microchips first time running a competition and overall things went pretty well once they got the hang of things. The tournament champions were 1471a (us!), 2114a, and 2114b. Thanks to you guys! Finalists were 4191, 5485b, and 127a. 2114a got the excellence award. Overall a very productive day, thanks to everyone who put this tournament on for us!

Congratulations to the winning alliance!! Thanks to all the volunteers and judges and our alliance partners, 4191 and 127A. This tournament was a lot of fun and taught us what we need to work on before our next competition.

Congratulations from Washington. Did the tournament champions qualify as well as excellence?

Regardless, we look forward to seeing what you’re bringing to Worlds this time around :D.

Only Excellence award winner qualified for World Championships.

I’ll try to get some videos online in the next few days.

We did not qualify today, but we do have 7 more spots coming out of Arizona so we are optimistic.

Videos are appearing on my YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/zbeeblebrox4183/feed?filter=2

I’ll upload more later.

The finals were very exciting matches showcasing a wallbot, spatula bot, hoarder, and scorers… Watch them guys!

Our coach took one relevant video here


Thank you Microchip for putting on a great event!

Thank you 1471a and 2114b for being great alliance partners…again! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the finalists (4191, 5485b, and 127a) for bringing some VERY worthy robots! Those were some intense final matches!

I KNOW you guys could get in the top 30 in programming skills and get a worlds slot, so talk Dr. Paul into doing a skills challenge at your tournament!

The skills runs, as far as I know, will be happening at our event the night before the tournament!

And don’t worry, now that we’ve got the robot more or less complete with few perfections left, we have time to program a great programming skills run and perfect our driver skills WITH the new high goal sacks! We are anticipating 200+ in driver if all goes well, and as close as possible as we can get to that in programming :slight_smile: