microcontroller and motor

Hi, My name is Patrick, I have just purchased a vex EDR starter kit (276-2700) to use with students. Below are my questions:
After pairing the microcontroller and the joystick, I plugged motors in port 2 and motor in port 5 (default code). Each motor spin continuously clockwise and cannot be controlled by the joystick.
The only port joined to a motor that can be controlled by the joystick is port 10 on channel 1. A motor plugged in any other port will spin continuously.
Can you let me know how to make sure that the robot moves/works according to the default configuration. Thanks.

Question 2:
What is the configuration to use the left stick (Channel 3) and the right stick (channel 2) to control the robot?

Thank you for your help

These questions would be better suited for the VEX EDR Forum.

This forum deals primarily with VEX IQ only.