Microcontroller Driver Software

I can’t install the drive software for Vex. After looking automatically for a driver software, it says that the driver sofware can’t be found and gives me the option to manually find the software. I go to the folder where I installed the software from the vex website and there’s a pop up that says that no driver software was found.

I’m using Windows Vista 32 Bit.
Thanx in advance!

Are you referring to the USB-to-Serial Device???

Go to the Prolific PL-2303 Site, and the Current Driver is PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v110.zip for ALL VERSIONS of Windows.

You should be able to Unzip and run the Setup Program, it will determine the Correct Version of Windows and Install the Correct Drivers in to the Driver Cache. When you plug in the Orange USB-to-Serial cable, it should locate the Driver and Install Correctly.


That begs the question: What is the correct driver for Windows 7? This isn’t idle curiosity; I’m at the point in a project of needing to program a Vex microcontroller for my first time, and the computer I have with which it would be, by far, most convenient to do this runs Windows 7 64 Pro.


Mea Culpa!!! My BAD!!

The Note Below from the Prolific Page for the PL-2303 says:

But the Driver Section says that Windows 7 is fine:

I am fixing my previous post…