Microcontroller + Motor Direction

I’m programming our robot, and it seems that not all positive values from the 10 Motor Ports result in the motors turning the same direction? (clockwise cw, or counterclockwise ccw?]

Might be silly questions, but:

  1. Have you checked your Motor and Sensor set up to make sure that the reverse check boxes aren’t checked for some of the ports?
  2. Have you made sure that your motors are plugged into the motor controllers properly? The quick way to reverse a motor (not necessarily recommended) is to reverse the connection between the motor controller and the motor.
  3. Any other reason that the motors are running in reverse in a particular port?
    Not sure that the Cortex would be randomly running some ports in reverse. But heck, I have been wrong in the past.

For motor ports 1 and 10 (using RobotC) the red wire should be on the inside closer to the VEXnet key to make the direction consistent with ports 2 - 9.