Microphone Connections

Is this configuration of a microphone OK[
New ACDSee 6.0 BMP Image.bmp (6.47 KB)

Im not sure how that circuit will work but just play around with it because you cant fry you micro controller with a microphone.

That sounds like a challengeā€¦ A pointless and expensive challenge, but stillā€¦ My friend once ate a book to prove that he could.

What is the objective here??

Do you want the Vex to locate the Loudest Sound and Move toward it??

The Vex Controller is not powerful enough to process Voice Commands, but maybe Chirping or Clapping signals.

This article has some technical details on how they built a sound meter. The input circuit should work with the Vex on one of the analog input ports. As MarkO asked, it would really help if we knew what you wanted to do and what other parameters you were working under.

Sound Meter