Microsoft Vex software?

I heard someone talking about a Microsoft Software that can be used to test your robot with the code and everything. Can someone tell me what the name is?

vexcode. vexcode can run on windows.

to test your robot? sounds like robotmesh mimic.

No like a Microfost studio compiler

I believe I know what you are thinking of — I once heard about some sort of robotics software Microsoft had released.

But I can assure you it has absolutely nothing to do with VEX. (Well, unless you spend many, many hours making it work for VEX robots.)

Edit: See below


I think it’s like a virtual bot

If you are talking about a text editor, then I believe you are thinking about Visual Studio Code which is made by Microsoft. But it’s merely a text editor to write and manage your code in. You would still have to use something like the PROS CLI to compile and upload your code.

Could it be Robot Virtual Worlds?


I believe you are talking about Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.

If this is what you were thinking of, rest assured that it will not be helpful for VEX.