Middle School Division Robot Reveals

Though I seriously doubt many middle school teams will be creating a reveal for their robot. I decided to make a thread for this anyway.
Here is my team 7268A Killer Monkey’s Reveal
Hope you all enjoy! (despite bad cinematography skills)

Attaboy~ I am in the same division as you so i will see you there tmrw maybe. I come and stop by.

Nice to see some middle school teams doing reveals. Great robot, with an interesting feeding mechanism for the flywheel! Good luck at worlds.

I like your reveal, it was fun playing you guys at US Open :slight_smile:


Is all of 8068 using the same design? Or are you not revealing anything else.

Ill upload ours once i get to a place with wifi.
Its not much of a reveal but still…

The Vexmen have two teams in the VRC Middle School division and one in IQ. These are our VRC teams. (92P can be seen here http://www.vexiqforum.com/forum/vex-iq-challenge-discussion/viqc-bank-shot/12645-worlds-preview-92p)

Team 80M - Mercury

How’d they get there?
Excellence Award at Pennsylvania State Championships Middle School Division

Team 80W - Warpath

How’d they get there?
Tournament Champions at Pennsylvania State Championships Middle School Division

An of course, stop by the Vexmen booths for buttons!

Unfortunately that is it from us if you were expecting more. I have built 3 lifts and none made it to the final robot due to its weight. I also modified the intake this morning to shoot faster ;D

Pardon this video for its quality due to the lack of a strong internet connection. (and our overshooting from the tuning of the previous intake)

As for the other 8068 teams, they use a different design not too different from other teams competing.

I remember a lot of these teams, VexMen and Killer Monkeys, good luck at worlds