Middle School Field Height

My team is in the middle school devision and I read the fields are 24 inches off the ground. With that Hight I cannot preload my robot like I usually do because it will be taller than I am. Could I bring a step stool to load my robot with or is that against the rules?


Thanks for the message. Please give me a few days to discuss with the team. I will be in contact shortly.


I have an answer for you.

Here’s what the Game Manual has to say, on page 17:

“Field Height: At many tournaments the playing field will be placed on the floor. Some tournament organizers may choose to elevate the playing fields by up to 36”. For safety reasons, no drive team members will be allowed to stand on any sort of object during a match, despite the presence of raised fields.”

I am only 5 feet tall. My robot is a scissor lift and is 51 inches tall and must be loaded at the maximum height at the beginning of the match as it unfolds. I can send a picture if you want.

On a two foot platform I must load the elements at a height of 6ft 3inches tot he ramp.

This will change the dynamic of kids being coaches to parents being coaches. We pride ourselves in having all kids on the field. That would mean that one kid would not get the same level of participation at an event we worked so hard to qualify for.

What am I to do - let a parent have all the fun while I scream “suggestions” at my team from the stands (versus directly in their ear)? I am open to any other suggestions on how to solve my problem. High heels? Stilts?

I know you are just kidding about the stilts because we would not allow those either.

The safety rule stating that there will be no platforms/elevation for team members to stand on during a match has been in the manual since it was published. Teams were expected to build a robot that could perform/be operated even when the fields were raised.

I know this is not the answer that you wanted to hear but I think you might start by either making some decisions about who will be on your drive team or taking a look at your design.