Middle school/High school qualifications

Does anyone know if there is a designated number of middle school vs. High school spots for teams that are part of vex sky rise? I’m wondering if middle school teams that play with the high school teams and win a spot to worlds count towards a high school spot.

There is no such thing as a “middle school or high school spot”. They are the same. For instance Washington State, gets nine teams that can qualify for world’s. That includes both middle school and high school. There is no set amount for each.

Actually it has been split up this year. MS and HS have different allocations of worlds spots for most states. You should have been invited to your state tournament by now in a specific division. Worlds spots are given to each division separately.

You did not say which state you come from. That might help in answering things further.

The top 30 skills in the world are across the board and not given so many to MS and so many to HS.


States with a star in the table says “Indicates that one total World Championship Spot is available for High School or Middle School.” So it would not matter HS or MS there.](http://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2014/09/vex-robotics-competition-high-school-wc-qualifying-criteria.pdf)

Ok, that sounds right. Sorry, I thought it was the other way around.

I’m from Michigan. This year at states, there was a seperate tournament for middle school and High school. However, middle school teams did also compete with the High school teams. A middle school team actually made it to the finals in the High school division. I’m wondering if they qualify and compete in a middle school tournament at worlds or if they get a high school spot.

Also, the way the extra spots are given out for people that qualified more than once for worlds went to skills. Many of the top ranking teams in programming and driver skills were middle school teams. Do middle school teams get to qualify based on how they do compared to middle school teams and vice versa? If a high school team were to be picked, would it skip over the middle school teams?

Also, if there are so many middle school teams doing skyrise, what’s the point in vex IQ?

This would be a good question for Mike Martus. He is in Michigan and the regional rep for Vex for MI, OH, IN, and KY. I am from Indiana and we may do it a little bit different. The best bet is to ask Mike and he could tell you for sure.

Vex IQ can start at a younger age in elementary school. After 2-3 years of it you may want to move up and learn other things. The IQ program is a very nice one that competes with FLL with kids actually driving.

If you want to progress, IQ does let you do Robot C to learn programming more, but the fabrication elements are not there like when you get to cut metal.

Seriously though, IQ is cheaper and without cutting there is a greater chance a school can reuse parts from year to year, the learning curve is less for the teachers, and does not take up an entire closet for Vex stuff or those huge FLL tables that must be perfectly level.

Some IQ bots are impressive too. I saw the Upper Perk robot in action the other week (currently #5). Mighty impressive. The DCCS robot made a scissor out of IQ parts too!


Vex IQ - because kids want to drive. :cool:

VRC - because kids don’t want to cooperate with any other kids any more :rolleyes: