Middle School IQ Worlds Spots

Did anyone notice that the Worlds spots for Middle School IQ increase by 200 since last year? Does this mean that more invites will be given out after State/Regional qualifying tournaments?

If there are more spots at Worlds, then yes, more teams will be invited to Worlds.

Whether or not your particular region gets more spots than last year depends on a number of factors, including the number of teams in your region relative to the total number of teams worldwide. The number of spots your region receives can be found on the last 3 pages of this PDF.

I know all about the spots allocated to regions and states. What I’m asking is- Once these allocated spots are given out, will they go from the Skills rankings to fill in the rest or the waitlist?

Ah - no, the total number of allocated spots has just been increased, the increased number spots has not created any new paths to qualify for worlds.

Thanks. That makes sense now.

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