Middle School team with a skills score of 302

Today I was scrolling through vexDB when I saw this:
I would like to congratulate this team for earning such a high skills score and I was wondering if anyone had access to the video as I want to see their strategy.

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How is this related to V5?

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And that isn’t a middle school team, that is a highschool team

Wait never mind, i was looking at the wrong one

I’m pretty sure this is fake (some people on VTOW were saying it’s fake) because if you look at the stats it makes no sense.

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This is their match scores, you can see the highest score they reach is 77, and sometimes they go as low as 29. I don’t think a team that gets these kinds of scores would be able to pull off a 302 skills score.


It is not true. Robot events has a different score:


That score is faked. There’s a reason it’s not on RE

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how can skills score be faked?

All it takes is someone to dishonestly punch some numbers on a tablet.

It’s very rare, but seeing how big this score is, and how poorly they do in matches, I’d guess there was an error on the ref’s part, intentional or unintentional


Just let @nallen01 know about the erroneous score and he can resync VEXdb with robot events for that event.

VEXdb is a great service - but sometimes there are hiccups that occur and need a manual nudge.


Yeah, VexDB updates results for 4 days after the event is scheduled to finish. In some cases people make mistakes entering the scores, and then they’re corrected after this 4 days has happened, or they even just don’t upload results until after the 4 days. In either case, VexDB will have missing information.

If you ever see this just ping me like @lacsap did and I can easily fix it.

This specific instance has been corrected now.