Middle School US Open

I have recently seen a lot of people talking about the US Open, but they are all high school, so any other middle schoolers want to talk about the US Open, like robots and such.

6842Z and 6842Y will be coming from Panther Robotics(representing Park Tudor Middle School) from Indianapolis, Indiana. We are very excited to be competing for the 2nd year in a row!


Hey its logan from 5233d falcon moible hows robohawks

also its on robot events

400A 400B 400M will be representing Galveston ISD Robotics. This is our third year attending the Open. It’s always been a lot of fun in the past. We are hoping to have another great year. We will have tshirts to trade with other teams. Stop by our pits and let’s swap.

Be sure to get some Vexmen buttons! (sorry for the large picture size)

Vexmen Button2_5inUSOPEN-2017-Forge-01.png

ME ME ME ME ME ME! I was going to ask the same question. lol We paired with 80J last year btw

Heeeey, all you 400 teams, we should totally pair. This is our last year as a middle school team also. :slight_smile:

60Z will be coming.

5233D will be at US Open who’s coming