Middle school world alliances?

So I know that is already a thread on middle school worlds, but there aren’t many ways to alliances are a whole different beast. if you don’t have many connections it can be hard to get alliances. So this is a thread for everybody to discuss alliances!

I’ll start off, I am from team 6986E and went through a complete rebuild. so our skills score is kinda obsolete. our current driver skills score is 340 but we have a 331 on cam. we have a two mogos plus win point auton and have a goal cover. Can hold 2 mogos and pick up ring consistently. 6 motor drive, 1 motor lift, 1 motor intake (600 rpm) with 1 motor clamp, 2 piston back clamp, and 1 piston goal cover. ( i admit its kinda jank but works).

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I this for vex IQ or VRC middle school?

both are welcome, but i’m from VRC

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I am from team 31516A and has a good robot from regionals, just made bot way more sturdy. We are a vex IQ team. Are skills score is 40 or above. If we have a good alliance we can score 100 plus. Hoping to have fun at our first time at worlds!

46P Ratchet, Differential, and PTO Guide - YouTube this is my robot

we might have a reveal soon

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Yo I’m from 4810c our robot has a 4 Moro drive 1 motor arm, two back claws with 1 motor each and last but not least a conveyor belt with our last motor. We have autonomous both sides and their pretty solid. Our skills score total is above 300 and we are fast stackers during a match. We can play either offensive or defensive. Oh yeah we’re in the design division and most importantly we are just looking do have a good time

Yo I just looked and I’m in the same division as you for worlds!

I’m 23598A and we have 6 motor drive and 2 motor lift. We have a back claw and a pneumatic locking claw on the front. We can also ramp and have very efficient autons.

Where do you check to see divisions?

I will post a robot reveal here when we make it later this week.

I am from team 77240G, we are a match bot, so our driver skills in 200 and autonomous is 100. We have a 2 motor four bar, 1 motor clamp on the end of the 4 bar, 1 motor tilter on the rear, and 4 motor 200rpm direct drive. We have won a tournament, made it to finals twice, won the amaze award at states, and won multiple other team awards.

I am from team 10102A and current recorded skills for us is 11th in the world (drivers 331 and prog 159). We were 1st seed for red division at US open. We have auton on both sides, and Can hold 2 mogos and pick up ring consistently. 6 motor drive, 1 motor lift, 1 motor intake (600 rpm) with 1 piston locking clamp, 3 piston back clamp.

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we are also in spirit division

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Ayo we should team, I’m also in Spirit division

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I am part of 98548C in the Design Division. Our team is ranked 41st in the world for skills and has won the Utah State Championship this year.

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What is your team number?

23598A… We made QF at State, and now we have 6 motor drive, pneumatic locking claw, and pneumatic locking claw on the back. We have win point auton, 2 yellow auton, or just one yellow

41442A from the arts div
6m 400rpm 2.75 drive
1m 14rpm 4-bar lift
1m 600rpm bouncy intake, 97% accuracy
1cylinder locking dualprong clamp
2cylinder folddown pressure back clamp
expected -500 skills
and a little special never seen before something up our sleeve…


15486H from Utah, in arts div
6m 360 3.25 drive
1m 1:7 4bar
1m 600 rpm rings (98% at 75 psi)
1 cylinder semicolon locking clamp
2 cylinder back tilter
passive goal covers
expected 500+ skills (no auton yet)
(possibly high ring scorer)

1x design 1x state excellence 1x states skills champs

.9 second rush


Yo basically just look up vex worlds 2022 and you’ll click the first thing then find a teams thing that the top of the page and from their should she a divisions lists

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Thx, I got my coach to send it to me though. I am in engineering division.