Middle School Worlds anyone?

If so, what are you most excited for?

I’m most excited for traveling (i’ve never been on a plane) and getting to meat teams from other countries


oh cool! which division are you? im innovate

I am in the Design division

Im in research

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Might be helpful if you guys really want to meet give helpful info. For example,

I am the advisor for 9791C WalshBots Covid Chaos in Engineering Division. Stop by to say hi, we have some handouts for teams after we are all checked in and inspected.


27301 team coach here, we’ll be there for MS VRC. come check us out, the kids are just happy to get off the island. please come say hi, we’d love to make new friends. We’re in the Arts and Innovate Divisions


I am in the art division

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Lots of fellow art people in here


yeah, just to let you know, we’re team 10058a, we’ll see you there!

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While all you guys are at worlds, be sure to check out all the other stuff going on, including the VEX-U competitions!


Art division is best devision


not in ranking tho
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I’m from 15442C and we’re in Opportunity. Good Luck at Worlds!

Good luck everyone! Also, whatcha guys have planned for pit decorations (im kinda stumped cuz this is our first year) thanks!

Team 31516A here, we are in the science division and also wondering what to do for pit decoration? Also what’s everyone doing for hand outs? First timer here, Good Luck everyone!!! :grinning:

Hmm, I’ve been researching and maybe banners? If you have a mascot maybe either a drawing or if its something you can get as a plushy thats a good ideas too. the pits are bound to be pretty spacious, so you have a lot of room for creativity (like our team name is macho mangoes so theres a lot to do with that one) otherwise go for a standard basic theme maybe
For hand outs you can always do pins, tshirts, and those rubber bracelets (the most money efficient one is probably going to be the pins)
cant wait to see what you do!

when you realize you are in a diffrent divsion than in then in the prediction smh

IM in design division

nice, cant wait to see you there!