Midwest Championship Feb. 12 2012

This is a thread for the Midwest Championship coming up on February 12, 2012.

If you wouldn’t mind, just tell us about your team, and if you want, tell us about what your robot can do. You can add pictures/videos if you want.

Well, Cornerstone Robotics will be bringing 3 teams:
• Team 323A Shockwave
• Team 323B Bot-E Builders
• Team 323C TechStorm

I am personally on Team 323B Bot-E Builders (hence the username).
Here’s the info :smiley:

Our Team:
We have 5 members on our team. Each has a unique role in helping us become successful at what we do.

• Jack- Jack is our Head Scouter, and our Man of Many Talents.

• Jamie- Jamie is our programmer. He programs things all the time, and also helps out with scouting.

• Jesse L- That’s me who’s posting this. I am the Team Coach, and also take a large role in helping build the actual robot. I also am in charge of adding stuff to the Engineering Notebook.

• Jesse M- Jesse (M) is our Driver. He does a very good job at driving under pressure, and does not do as good when he is not under pressure. He also helps me out a lot with building.

• William- Will is our operator. He mans the Arm and Intake. He built the 6-bar linkage for us, and also helps out with the brainstorming. (We all do that :D)

Now for the robot.

We named him K2 this year. It is short for Kevin II. When you are at the competition look for the robot that says K2 and you will know it is us.

Anyway, robot stats.

  1. Can score 4 objects in 2 sec.

  2. Arm can reach 30” in about 1 sec.

  3. Can hold 4 game objects.

  4. Can score every game piece + pre-loads in the Isolation zone in 30sec or less.

  5. Can get 5 in a 30” goal and double it (12 points total)

  6. Our average score was 16 (I think) We did not do as good as I had hoped in Wildstang…

  7. We have many strategies, so we can work with yours!

Here is the link to our Wildstang Highlights. We have since improved.
If you have any questions, just post them. We are going to do a release soon, so you will get better pictures in that thread.


Where is the tournament you are referring to being held? We looked on Robot Events and could not find a tournament on that day. We have teamed with you several times and have always enjoyed it.

Robo Warriors
Team 1530

On February 25, 2012.
Here is the link to the robot events page.

Yes, we have greatly enjoyed your robots preformance over the years!
Hope to be allianced again!