Midwest teams

PaperTowels9876 We have 4 going from our school to worlds. 1200a, b, c, and e. Then 1200f and 1200d are going to nationals.

Oops, forgot about one! TechnaPWN, hopefully we’ll see you there!

How did 1200C qualify???

They won the design award like 2 days ago. You were there remember.

Yeah, I remember being there, I didn’t know that the design award would qualify them for worlds though.

I’ve been competing for 3 years, I’m surprised I don’t recognize your team number. Where do you guys generally go to tournaments?

As of now, 3 Jay County Robotics teams plan on making the trip to Anaheim. We have at least one more competition left where we hope to qualify at least one more team.

We are taking one team and have two more contests to qualifiy more teams
4805C Marion, Ohio. There is also a team from Zanesville, Ohio is going.
We can’t wait!

What I heard was just that tournament allowed the winner of the design award to go to Worlds. I think it was stupid.

It was not stupid, it was the size of the tournament. It was a level 4 (I believe) tournament which allowed a certain number of qualification spots. The tournament chose to have the design award qualify.

It’s not up to the Tournament Director. If a tournament has 36+ teams the Design Award winner will receive an invitation to World Championships along with the Tournament Champions and the Excellence Award Winner.

Thanks for the correction, I was unsure about the exact process

4405a and hopefully 4405b after today from Omaha, Nebraska will be there.

What are the top scores at Mt. Michael this weekend?

24 programming for sure, maybe 26 drivers? We got 23 programming.

Who got 24? Was it 5155C?

A Millard north team I think. I don’t remember their team number. 5155c did mainly drivers skills.

From Fox Valley Robotics, I know 355B will be attending. Not sure about our other teams though. I wasn’t on a VEX team this year (too busy with FRC) so I wasn’t as up to date with our VEX teams as I usually am.


1064A will be going! with our new robot! plan on doing a release in a week or two!

Teams 35-39 generally compete with us here in Michigan.

Other teams here going to worlds are us (7581H), team 217W the ThunderChickens, team 1101B De La Salle HS, team 244A The Victorious Ramrods, team 1581A The Motorheads, 1636A The Golden Tigers (middle school), teams 4540A and 4540B Youthville Detroit, and team 9581M Middleville HS.