Midwest teams

1064A will be going! with our new robot! plan on doing a release in a week or two!

Teams 35-39 generally compete with us here in Michigan.

Other teams here going to worlds are us (7581H), team 217W the ThunderChickens, team 1101B De La Salle HS, team 244A The Victorious Ramrods, team 1581A The Motorheads, 1636A The Golden Tigers (middle school), teams 4540A and 4540B Youthville Detroit, and team 9581M Middleville HS.

Here’s the teams coming from Colorado:
*]974: Hazardous
*]1069B,C,D,E: Berthoud High Robotics
*]1166: Mountain Dewds
*]1826: The Fuse
*]3946A: Sun Devils
Hope to see you all in Anaheim!