minecraft vex autocad mod

Hello all! So I thought that it would be really cool if a vex robot could be blueprinted in minecraft using mods. I did some research and its going to be a lot of work but it seems like minecraft would be so much easier to build virtual robots with so does anyone wants to help? it should be somewhat easy if we get a bunch of people. Let me know your thoughts about this project…

I’m not good at making mods, but I fully support this project!

I made the NBN arena in Minecraft

This would probably be impractical due to the fact that it is sometimes necessary to place parts in different places than designed for and constraints like these are only available in 3D CAD Programs such as Autodesk Inventor. Good luck though!

I was thinking that each vex hole would be a block so a screw block would fit inside but I really am new at modding

Yea I never really did that much minecrafting but it sounds like a fun way to cad if you got it working

@tabor473 made his robot in minecraft.

Here is some permanent links to the robot pictures. I built it with 12 blocks per inch scale.

Won’t the hight limit be a issue?

how did that take @tabor473

No, 12*18 is only 216. If you dug down to bedrock, it’d be fine. The fog might be an issue, though.

Right, but I was thinking for the full court, and lifts in future games.

To the OP, to get any sort of detail into the minecraft model, you would have to do a lot more work than in AutoCAD e.g. ~7500 blocks for a 1x5x1x35 C-channel vs 1 part for AutoCAD. Plus, you can do all sorts of analysis with AutoCAD and other software.