MINES2 VexU Post Season Reveal

Hello everyone,
We are a VexU team out of South Dakota comprised of members from past midwest highschool teams. Our team is almost entirely self funded and this is our second year competing. Unfortunately we do not own a field so we actually did all of our programming and testing once we arrive at the tournament. Our strategy for this year involved scoring 3 mobile goals in the zone with doing all the driver loads in the 45 second autonomous. All we would have to do then in driver is score one mobile goal and play defense with our 8 motor drive. Our robot showcases the speed of a 2 motor chainbar capable of stacking 5 cones in 3 seconds. We actually had a turbo 1:1 chainbar running but it was too fast to effectively intake the cones. We are excited to share our design with you and look forward to competeing next year!

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Oh by the way we bought a field finally so we are coming for you vex u