Mini Robot Reveal?

Ok bois back at it again with the beyond subpar robot videos!

I guess you could also call this a leek, but I dont care.


it actually looks pretty good for a single motor. if there was a way to balance the torque across the two sides better then I could see this being a potential design for teams that want to add another mechanism to their robot.

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We just took off the motor for testing purposes. The right side was leading significantly, so we are troubleshooting. I was quite surprised by how well a single motor could run it, especially at the gearing.

if you’re interested in balancing the torque with one motor, you could power a motor in the middle and have a c-channel transfer the torque to the sides of the lift

Long story short, im not running the lift with one motor.

Not required. You can definitely pull off a 1:5 dr4b with a HS shaft running the width of the lift.

Obviously, we all see the problems with this setup. I think we could use a High strength shaft to power both sides at once, instead of only powering one side. That would make it much more stable.

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In that case you will likely be cutting yourself short as you are using 3+ motors specifically to have the ability to score high poles for just 4 more points. If youre going #capgang then you should make your scoring system be no more than 2 motors to go with a 2 motor flag scoring mech or 6 motor drivetrain, to have something else to contribute other than caps as caps are underscored in the game. :slight_smile:

nah im good :smile:


i’ve never played around with hs shafts much, but ill give it a go next time :slight_smile: