The huge competitions and the constant rules and restrictions can sometimes keep people down, and make the competitions less about fun.

But presenting a new competition which brings Overdrive down to size.



This competition is literally a scaled down version of overdrive. The robots will be smaller and the game will be much more fun.

RULES: Well, there have to be some rules, well, how’s this, your robot must fit in the dimensions box? YEP, that’s basically it, your robot must fit inside the dimensions and NOT harm any other robot, and that’s it. You can use any other metal, motors, programming platform, robot controller, sky’s the limit.

GAME: Our expert group of lazy game developers will break down the game to minimize penalties and let people get down to playing the game.

MORE TO COME: Our team is in full swing to develop and set up the game, but in order to plan properly, we need YOU to let us know.

FEES and other: Fees will be roughly $50. It will be great and fun. It will allow teams with a small budget to compete in a fun, relaxed event.

Email me at or PM me, and give me your team number and contact information and I’ll personally reply with registration information.


will this be using vex parts?

some questions:

approximate time event will happen (can you give us a month?)

will this be a scaled down version of overdrive or will the game be changed other than rules about penalties, ect?

where will this be hosted?

The Cheesy Poofs will definitely be interested - what a nice combination of vex (?) and FRC!
But please answer the above questions first.

edit: I looked at your guys’ website and it looks like your team is in Georgia, so we probably won’t be able to make it (we’re in California)…but it still is a great idea!

I plan on posting this on robot events this week as well as putting out a blast to all GA, FL, NC, SC and TN teams that we will be hosting an off season VEX event in GA on June 28th. This will be the rescheduled Bridge Battle competition that had to be cancelled earlier.

Since you guys are also here in the metro Atl area, we should coordinate events. This will be our second year hosting an off season VEX event and we hope it will continue.

is there going to be a bridge battle in Ga?

Yes… there will be a Bridge Battle tournament in GA. On June 28th. We thought about just doing QQ again, but thought everyone would like a new challenge for the off season.

Hmm fly down to GA for BB? Sounds like fun… too bad I don’t have the time or money…

Sorry for the delay.

Ok, we want to give teams time to build this and develop it maybe either late september or early october.

The field is going to be scaled down. Yet, we are going to change some of the rules so that teams can have more fun and worry less about the whole penalties part of the game, but yet penalties will play a minute part of the game.

This will probably be hosted at Peachtree Ridge High School. Located in Suwannee, Georgia.

As for parts, we want this to be fun, so building is not limited to anything. You can use WHATEVER you want to. Tape is also permitted, but please make sure that your robots do not damage other robots.

I will be happy to answer any other questions.

Thank you.
Sunny Gupta

We will have a regiration form up around mid-summer so please look out for that. It will give us a good basis on how much room we will need.

Thank you.

We can use anything? Do you mean like electronics and motors to? Also I am guessing you are staying with in the standard 18" cube?

I think you need to specify what we can use at least a little. Otherwise I’m gonna go take 4 CIMs and put them on a VEX robot…

I was thinking the same thing. (I do have a weed wacker engine) :smiley:

Can anyone see a vex robot pulling say 20 mph?

Interesting… hehehe


We are in heated debate on about amount of “freedom” of building allowed.

About the 4 cims, i dun think they’ll fit in the size dimensions.

Oh, you could fit them in an 18" cube. Now a cim with the extra batteries and motor controller well it would be a snug fit.

Is that a challenge?

keep in mind, the size will probaly be something like 10 by 12 by 20, thats a scaled FRC size limit, it wont be 18" cube

It’s still possible.

will a 12v batterery fit on that to power them? :slight_smile:

i’d use motors like the ones that come in the new kit before i used sims

You could probably use a nice size laptop battery. So of those run around 18 volts.