Minimal Field Requirements

As a team with little money AND little room, we usually try to get by with the welcome kit and 1 game element kit (although it’s 6weeks backordered atm). This year however, the game seems structured such that it is less possible to do. To make matters trickier, it seems that they broke down the kits such that you have to buy the pipe kit AND field element kit 2 just to put up a single testing flag. And then fe kit 2 if you want to practice platforming.

I’m just wondering whether other teams have just ponied up the dough, or whether there were some diy alternatives teams have employed.



Are the other teams/organizations in your area that you could at least visit? Most larger organization, and those that host events, will have multiple fields, and I expect like us, would welcome your team to visit and test out robots.

Thanks Michael,

Great advice. We are looking in to that, but nothing close enough to visit regularly. Hence I was looking for a more local solution. That’s our fallback plan though. :slight_smile:

@RoboticsNHS do you have access to a 3D printer?

You could at least make a very close replica of the center platforms with PVC and plywood if that would help the overall price. For flag posts I haven’t seen anything DIY that would work the same way as the real ones.