Minimum age - vexiq



What is the minimum age for joining vex iq? Is 7 years old okay?

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That age should be fine.

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There is no minimum age in the game manual. On a practical note, we start Virus teams in 3rd grade.

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many thanks - I have a kid in grade 2 wanting to try. Thank you!



The biggest issue is around being able to pull pins out of parts. You might find that a small pair of needle nose pliers will help. We have a set of long, medium and bent nose to help. We also have a small flat blade screwdriver to pry two 2x parts that are face to face.



If you don’t give them something, they’ll use their teeth! Yuck :face_vomiting:



There are no minimums, just maximums. A high schooler can’t compete in Vex IQ, but a first grader can compete in VRC.

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Robot Mesh sells a 3d printed pin puller made by team 520 for this very purpose:

This item can be shipped anywhere in the US.



Even this I have to demonstrate and monitor. Some bright ones jam it in the wrong way and shred the middle bit that does the magic of keeping the springy bits open to hold onto. (How would you say that properly?)

I’ve thought of a metal version.

I no longer allow metal pliers, too many smashed pins. I bought team 520’s pullers, and printed my own. Mine may be softer, not sure, but I can make them multi-color by changing filaments in the middle of the print.

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