Minimum time post PTC testing

What is the minimum time before a match after PTC testing? We’ll assume it will be performed on all elimination bracket teams at some point as it has been in past years.

How will officials ensure this minimum time is met?

Maybe an official pre-printed eliminations match PTC test form with a column “Test Time” should be used by the official so teams have some comeback when other event staff hurry them to a scheduled match?

This topic will be covered in more detail during the team/driver’s meeting at VEX Worlds, but I can share a few things regarding the process.

  1. All teams coming out of the Round of 16 (i.e. moving on to the Quarterfinals) will be subject to PTC Verification Testing of their motors. The tests will be conducted utilizing the process found on this page:

  2. If the winner of a Round of 16 match fails their PTC test, the losing Alliance will take their spot in the Quarterfinals, provided that pass their PTC test.

  3. If both alliances fail a PTC Verification Test, then neither Alliance advances, and that match’s opponent in the Quarterfinals gets a bye to the Semifinals.

  4. Teams will be given time for motors to reset.

  5. “On-the-Spot Re-Checks” will be done if motors need to be replaced or at the staff’s discretion.

I’m not able to share additional information at this time, but I’m excited to share that the GDC will have more information available during the drivers meeting! See you there, and good luck at VEX Worlds.