Minor rules question regarding G7b

I’ve got a question regarding Slapshot rule G7b–well, two really. One is speculative and one addresses something that specifically happened to a student I was coaching last year.

"Drivers are prohibited from any of the following actions during a Match:

b. Standing or sitting on any sort of object during a Match, regardless of whether the Field is on the floor or elevated. "

First, the specific question. One of my students sustained a football injury last year right before a tournament in which he had sprained his ankle (edit: it may have been a fracture instead of a sprain, I’ll ask at the next team meeting). A doctor had told him to use crutches and limit his unsupported standing and walking activities. As such, he requested the event organizers provide a chair during matches so that he could drive the robot from a sitting position and was accommodated appropriately. This rule, as written, doesn’t make exception for students who have injuries or doctor’s orders not to stand unsupported for too long. As I have this student placed on a team with only one other teammate this season, and as he’ll still likely be playing football and be exposed to such injuries, what could we do if a similar situation arose and we couldn’t find a replacement/loaned driver under Rule G4c?

Secondly, the speculative question. While I was doing VRC in high school, circa V5 Turning Point, my team’s driver had a disability that affected his physiological standing height. When he asked for a stool at our first and only event with raised fields, the head ref gave him permission to stand on a stool and then the organizers provided said stool.

So could tournament organizers and head refs still address such injured or disabled team members with this rule on the books?

Edit: if necessary, I can take this post down and wait for the official Q&A thread to be posted. Just wanted to get this out there sooner rather than later.

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The G7b rule is in place so teams don’t try to bring stepstools, blocks, stilts, or other such devices to the field when the field is elevated on platforms. In the case of injuries, crutches, etc, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with the EP and referees applying common sense.


It’s probably actually not a bad idea to still post to the Q&A so that the rules can be clarified reasonably, either to explicitly allow reasonable medical accommodations), or to call out examples of situations they’re trying to prevent, like @kmmohn pointed out.


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