Misaligned C-Channels

So right now in our gearbox, we have 2 84t gears, but we want to use a 1:7 gear ratio to lift the arms. There was no more room on the C-Channel that was holding the 84t gears, so we attached another C-Channel to hold the 12t gear and the motor. After we attached them, we realized that the gears did not mesh correctly, and they didn’t spin each other. Is there any way to overcome this, or is it just a problem with all C-Channels?

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Pictures? We kind of have to see how you did it :confused:

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Take out one of the 84 tooth gears

So we make a DR4B with 1 gear? I don’t get it.

I screwed 2 C-Channels together, a 12t gear on 1, 2 84t gears on the other one.

C-channels when attached on top of each other have the holes slightly more apart than normal. Try replacing the c-channel with the 84 tooth gears with a longer one to fit the 12 tooth gear.

Could I place another C-Channel on top of the second one and place the motor there?

When you bolt 2 c-channels together like that, you have 2 wall thicknesses to contend with. This is where the difference comes from.