Missing a parts tray from Team 617 after the Saturday Chips Bowl competition in Clear Lake

After unpacking from Saturday’s tournament, we noticed that a Gen 1 superkit tray with pins, standoffs, and standoff end pieces of various sizes was missing. The tray itself looked like the attached image, just with different pieces in each compartment.

I’m reasonably sure that it made it back to our facility, but I want to pursue all possibilities until ruled out. Did any teams notice it after we left? Was anything like that recovered or left over from Saturday’s event?

It would probably be best to reach out to the EP directly as most teams on here are not from there and I’m willing to bet most teams from there are not on here, and contacting someone from the event will probably yield a faster more accurate response


@Jobe Did you see this?

Here’s what I was going to tell @Claymarks privately:

“I know you mean no harm, but reopening a topic that most people don’t need to see again isn’t super helpful, and while I don’t mind, I’m sure some people on the forums do. If you could use a private message to do this next time, that would be great.”

It was at this point I realized that private messages are disabled, and this would, in fact, be impossible. If we could discuss bringing them back with the mods because of reasons like this, I personally would be appreciative.


I know this is in the wrong topic, but please excuse it, I think pointing out a specific instance is the best way to make my point.

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Yes. The team was in contact. The tray was left on a pit table and we arranged for them to pick up.