missing motor on port 248

We lost our state event in programming yesterday due to this error on our robot. I have done all the necessary things that you would do in this situation, update firmware, hard reboot, upload all new programs and still nothing. Doesn’t make sense, we don’t even have a port 248…please help

What programming software were you using? Modkit, RobotC, Python/Blockly?

We are using Robot C

We had a similar error this weekend at states due to some off electrical issues at the facility. At the event batteries placed in our chargers would fault and that led to the error. We ended up having to use a battery that had not been on a charger there (swap batteries) followed by updating firmware. Once we did that it fixed the error.

Once the faulted batteries were plugged in back home they charged no problem. Our takeaway is that sometimes unreliable power can lead to some odd errors.

We had two fully charged batteries. This was something else. Still having the issue. I am going to call support.

We would advise to check your programming to see if you may have accidentally typed something in wrong. We had the same problem on “port 51” and we checked our programming and realized there was a simple typo under our command. When using ‘setMotor’, motor number comes before speed. We had put the speed value first. Since your value is larger than 100, it’s probably not a speed value, but it could be in degrees or rotations. Make sure the values and motor numbers are in the correct order in your programs. Hope this helps!