Missing out on Signature event

Is there someway vex is going to pay it back to teams that were promised 8 week shipping time but then have it turn out to be 12 weeks? My team is going to have to miss out on a highly anticipated signature event that could potentially determine the rest of our season because vex seriously mislead us about when our v5 is going to arrive. The least vex could do is a simple discount on our order or maybe vouchers for cheaper orders in the future. My team has spent weeks on end preparing a robot to be ready for v5, now we are having to start over. Please do something about this problem vex, we are seriously in a rut because of this.

seriously doubt that vex is going to give you anything. I’d treat the situation as if your v5 wasn’t going to even arrive this season, so if it does, its a pleasant surprise. you are not the only team with this issue.

Contact the Event Partner for event refund.

As for VEX refunds or discounts, that is unlikely to happen. If you are adamant about it, contact VEX directly.

We are having the same exact problem. I don’t think vex is very open to helping with the problems this is causing. Just have to hope it comes before state tournaments. Good luck to you guys.

Yeah we made the decision early on in the season to stick with the cortex and it paid off. Currently we have acquired the brains, controllers, and batteries but no motors. #shipsin8years

There are legal issues surrounding VEX’s ability to really do pretty much anything meaningful to make up for the V5 rollout issues, not to mention the obvious financial black hole that would be any sort of meaningful compensation. So don’t expect any miracles to occur.

What particular legal issues?

I would expect that if they compensated one team for a missed tournament due to shipping estimate failure, they would be legally admitting responsibility to all similar cases, and would be on the hook to compensate any team who could make a similar claim.

This would be the most likely scenario if this were to happen. So I don’t see vex doing anything similar.

I am not a lawyer, but this is my understanding:

What @Robo_Eng_13 mentioned is mostly accurate:
There is a very fine line between compensating 1 party (1 team) and admitting fault for all similar cases, which would indeed potentially put them on the hook for compensating all others with the aforementioned similar cases. That is, such compensation could very easily snowball into a class-action lawsuit against VEX.

There’s also the other aspect that, if sufficient evidence surfaces suggesting VEX knew to expect these extreme shipping delays early-on and/or V5 products were falsely advertised with functionality not present in the production products, more lawsuit opportunities open up.