Missing vex wheel inside piece

Hello vex community members. I am a PLTW Automation and Robotics Teacher in Ramona,CA.
I am missing the inside metal structure piece that goes inside all the vex wheels. Without this piece the wheels
cannot be used. Where can I purchase more of these? If you know of a quick fix let me know.
I attached pictures.

Thanks, Shane

I believe you have to purchase one of these sets to get wheel inserts.

An alternative solution is to screw a drive shaft bar lock on each side. I believe there is a picture of that somewhere online but I can’t find it (it doesn’t help that I reset Chrome today). I think someone else may know where it is, which would help to see what I’m talking about.

A poorly made assembly to help visualize:

The black and green inserts for the high strength axle compatibles (HS gears and wheels) are not sold separately on the vex robotics website, but they are available on the robot mesh online vex retailer.
here is the link:

Keep in mind that Robot Mesh only ships to certain states (unless this has changed).

Do you own any high-strength gears? They use the same inserts as the wheels.

yeah, if you have any of those that have the inserts in them and you won’t be using the gears, you can take them out and put them on the wheels, otherwise you will need to purchase them using the link I posted earlier and if robot mesh can’t ship to your state, then I guess you will need to purchase a high-strength gear kit from the vex robotics website, which will contain those inserts

They are part 276-3881 at vexrobotics. You should also receive a package with every wheel set.

oops never saw that