Missing Worlds Trophies

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Two teams in my old organization won awards at worlds. We never got them. Its been 4 months… Most if not all IQ teams have received theirs–we’ve asked on discord and seen instagram posts of the IQ trophies being displayed. Teams 839 and 315 has had them in june/july. Our coach sent an email to the recf inquiring on the trophies and they never responded?!

The people who worked hard last season on 16688B and 16688C, myself included, weren’t even allowed to email the rec about the things at symbolize our accomplishment because the REC email code.

More of the story?

16688C has previously been in some very sketchy REC Code of Conduct troubles. They’ve been all been cleared so I don’t know why we didn’t receive any trophies. That seems to be the only theory we have so far as to why we never got them. Besides, 16688B is very clean and has no previous infractions of any sort so why did they not ship theirs either…

I’m not sure what to do now. It almost seems like the REC is deliberately ignoring us.

my teammate made a video a while back.

what are your thoughts?

#justicefor16688 ??


Your mentor/coach needs to talk with your RSM.


They already emailed… with no response

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did you try asking a staff on the forum

What region are you and what awards were they?

We’re in North America. We were supposed to receive the Divisional Champions award and the World Champions award.


I would also just like to make it clear that the recf is not punishing you for the code of conduct infractions. They are probably just late shipping them or something. Please don’t turn this into a while big deal about how the recf may be punishing you or something. As you said, your b team has been clean, and still hasn’t received trophies.


well, you gotta consider that worlds was half a year ago… and all the other teams got their trophies

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He… Did…

Like he said above, it’s most definitely not a conspiracy.


I’d disagree…Its becoming extremely suspicious…we never heard from the rec

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I would strongly suspect that they got delivered and misplaced by the school.


I mean we are still waiting on states awards which happened almost 8 months ago and we are in the same situation, also waiting on ones from events that happened in person in Nov and Dec of last year. 2 tc from comps and build award from states which most bay area teams have already gotten, just not the more northern California teams.


Please email [email protected] to confirm your trophies were sent.

Best Regards,



Update on our situation, coach emailed the rec twice a month ago and still no response, still no trophy for either team.

idk what to do now


6 months not 4 years


Oops, thought sept 17 was sept ‘17, sorry

The REC Foundation is investigating.

Please have your coach email your team’s contact information the REC Foundation [email protected] so we can have direct communication.

Sorry for the delay in getting your team your well earned trophy.

Dan Mantz


Update: we have received the trophies!

Thank you Dan Mantz and the REC for helping us work this out


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