Misspelling on VEX Nothing But Net Page

I was looking on the Competition resources page of the new VEX Game which has all of the information, and I realized there was a misspelling on the page under “Scoring”. The word “point” is misspelled for “Each Ball Scored in a Low Goal is 1 point”. Here is a screenshot of the mistake… And the link to the page if you are unclear of what page I am talking about. Thanks


Aiden Pyle -

Thanks for catching this error. It is now fixed on the game page!

Speaking of mistakes I found another mistake which was made on the new Vex app for nothing but net. If you tap on the game manual button it brings you to the contents page, and if you then scroll down towards the bottom, you can then see that the “Robot Skills Challenge” section is listed twice most likely on accident. Some people told me that this was because there are robot skills then programming skills, but that’s not the case, the robot skills section is listed twice and then the programming skills section comes after. This isn’t a huge mistake, but I thought that it was worth bringing it up to your attention.