Mistake on Robotevents?

I was looking at the tournaments on robot events when I saw this one, https://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/RE-VRC-18-5220.html , on my computer, it says that Robot skills finalists will qualify for State/Region championships but the champions won’t. I don’t know how these events are made so I’m assuming it’s a mistake.

Check the awards tab, it appears correct.

Actually, no it is not. It does not follow the award distribution in the VRC qualifying criteria document.

@hatarange please contact the Event Partner and the RECF Regional Support Manager to correct the error.

Good catch!

I’m going to be honest, i was just saw that the championship qualified and didn’t investigate further.

Although the regional RECF rep is the admin that sets what event’s qualify for what so it may be intentional, depending how big their regional is and how many “spots” they have they may award qualification differently, for example in Indiana some IQ tournaments the excellence award won’t qualify for state due to the size of our state tournament and a push to hold more local tournaments.

It is an entry error on the part of the RSM - they are fixing it.

Robot Skills Finalist is never a qualifying spot according to the VRC Qualifying Criteria document that was updated and released yesterday.

Errors happen. No worries.


Looks like Robot Skills is a qualifying spot, if you have enough awards, in the latest docs, unless I am missing something?

Robot skills finalist isn’t. Robot skills champion is.

My guess is that when they created the event in Robot Events, they accidentally set Robot Skills Finalist as the qualifying award instead of Robot Skills Champion, which is right above it.

I also noticed that there is a Design Award for each grade level, but only one Excellence. This is probably because a middle school Excellence Award requires 10 teams at each grade level, but a middle school Design Award wouldn’t. (I think a tournament in South Florida did the same thing last year.)

That is another goof - you can not give out Middle School awards at a high school only event.

You can do a middle school excellence and a high school excellence if there are at least 10 middle school teams at the tournament 2 weeks ahead of time. It’s in the new qualifying criteria.

but a HS only event is closed to MS.

On robot events you can not register a MS team to a HS only event.

Wow. They have a high school only event with a middle School design award.

That’s different. Good night.

yup - little details when checking off events… oops …

happens to all of us and gets corrected.