Mizzou students

Anyone here that will be attending U. Missouri next year or is currently attending? Looking to possibly start a VEX College team there next year.



I will be tracking all college teams in the US program this year in an effort to try and help create as many small concentrations of VRCC teams as possible. I will do this by monitoring the registrations and (with permission) introduce teams within a region to one another so they know who they are and can maybe help each other start other college teams in that area.

Keep in touch.

PS: Best of everything as you stat your college career at Mizzou to become an engineer this fall. Just remember that your studies come before everything else you get involved in :wink:

I look forward to competing against you Nick!

Tip for starting the team, CAKE was started with 4 friends in Cody’s Appartment its now grown to have members from all areas of Florida except the Panhandle. Recruitment is easy for me at least most everyone on the team is a friend or someone I knew in robotics as a student in HS.

I wish you luck,

  • Andrew