Mobile Forum Support, Requested

I noticed the Thread, Possibility of a Vex forums mobile app, and though since I have an Android Phone now, I would like to have this available too…

It appears that VBulletin has Mobile support, and it would be Really Cool to have this Module available… Please add this to the possible Upgrade Features…

Looks like there is one now!
EDIT: Looks like didn’t read the official post. Some things you still can’t do on a phone as well as on a 14 inch monitor :confused:

My WISH has been GRANTED!!! My WISH has been GRANTED!!!

Haha, where is this news post I’ve heard about?


Ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:

Can I use one CIM instead of my 10 high-strength motors?

Sure, if you can get it to work off of a VEX battery.

Practical Wishes… Not Miracles…

( A cannot change the Laws of Physics)