Mobile Goal Gear Ratio

is one motor 1:7 enough for mobile goal lift?

my team is having so much trouble getting it to lift. doesnt seem to have enough torque

1:7 should be more than enough, in fact 1 motor 1:5 would work. It might not be lifting because it is sitting too far back and it has to overcome more weight. Try adjusting the resting point so that it is more towards the highest point in the motion.

right now we have it configured with 2 standoffs in the front
and then 1 channel in the back that is connected to the gear

we tried adjusting so that it rests at it’s highest point, but then when we collapse our reverse 4 bar, it hits. so we then try to shorten the standoffs and the channel connecting to the gear. But then it doesn’t have enough reach to get over the 20 point zone pipe… :confused:

Try having the mobile goal rest further back so it doesn’t get in the way of the dr4b. We have to raise our lift every time we intake a mg. @Not12G is good