Mobile goal halfway on bar

If the Mobile Goal is resting on the starting bar, but is leaning onto the 10 point zone, is it considered a 10 point goal, or a 5 point goal.

A 10 point goal, but only if its touching the tiles on the scoring side of the 10 point bar

It would be the 10 point zone. According to the definition of scored, if a mobile goal is touching multiple goal zones, it goes the the higher zone

So if you see OSIZR by alba they keep the mobile goal balanced on the 20 point bar (it doesn’t touch either side), is that a 20 point goal or a 10 point goal

Assuming the robot is not touching the mobile goal, the bar is considered part of the lower scoring zone and the mobile goal would count toward the lower scoring zone if the mobile goal is touching the bar and not touching the ground for the higher scoring zone. So the mobile goal would be considered part of the 10 point zone if balanced perfectly on the 20 point bar @Shadowfox99

The goal was balanced on a yellow cone in the 20 point zone

Thank you everyone.

Previously that would have been in the 20pt zone, now it’s 10. The GDC changed their ruling so touching the bar takes precedence over the cone, whereas before it was the opposite.