Mobile Goal in Zone Counts in Autonomous?

Couldn’t you make an autonomous that can lift a mobile goal and place it into the 20 point zone? Or are the zone placements counted at the end of the entire match?

The answer is yes. Because they don’t reset the field, the mobile goal counts in autonomous to get you team bonus if you score the most points, and also can be counted in the driver control portion.

Why don’t many teams do an autonomous that does this? That’s an easy 20 points, and if you can stack 2 more cones that’ll be another 4 points. That’s a really good total of 24 points. It’s either many teams don’t actually do something like this, or they do and I just haven’t heard about it.

a lot of teams do this. We ran a 20 point mobile goal at least 7 or 8 matches at Poway on 9/9. There was another team that there that had a similar auton and ran it a few times. Like you said, thats a fairly simple 20 points so I expect it (and variations) will be very popular throughout the season. However, depending on your robot: driving over the zone bar and manuevring in the tight gap between the zones and the stationary goal can require some micro movement, so it comes down to how well tuned your PID is which isn’t going to be easy for beginner teams.

Here is a video of us doing exactly that (sorry about the blurring, that was unintentional the vid is out of focus):