Mobile Goal Intake

Hello VEX community forums,
My team and I are currently in a dilemma with our mobile goal intake and chassis. When we try to score a mobile goal in the 20 point zone, 3 out of 5 times we will get stuck on the large PVC pipe and render our robot useless for the match because we can’t get it out. We have thought about of doing a different mobile goal intake, but we want to just improvise one what we already have due to time constraints. We currently have a robot with a U chassis, fork lift attached to a two bar on a tower. We also have chain drive on two front wheels and direct drive on two wheels in the back. Any suggestions of fixes?

what is your current design for your mobile goal intake?

Our current mobile goal is a 2 bar mounted on a tower with a fork lift attatched.

are the wheels just too low to the ground? or is the mobile goal intake getting caught on something.

No, we can quite easily get over all of the pipes, the problem is just that none of our wheels touch the ground because the pipe holds our from the middle of our robot and we can’t get off.

Check out 929U’s 4 bar video. My team was easily able to recreate it with the details they showed. (Btw @Zach929Y we aren’t using it anymore so no plagiarism in da house)

do you happen to have the link to the video?

You can see it especially well in the last one at 1:02

put a small wheel in the center of the base, so it rolls of of the pipe, and can’t get stuck.