Mobile Goal Issues

It’s been a bit frustrating after building a robot with the potential height of stacking over 16 cones only for the mobile goal to not be able to lift more than 6-8 cones. Was wondering if anyone had any possible solutions or suggestions as to how we can get our mobile goal lift higher stacks. (Has lift 12 twice when lifting on the first time after a long resting period.)

Our mobile goal lift has a 7:1 gear ratio with a single tourqe motor

I’ve included a link to a video where we troubleshoot the lift for 10 cones for a second time after doing it once and also some picture.

Tidy build, well done.

Double check motor internal gears are 100rpm.
Change out the motor.
Check axles are dead straight.
Check spacers on pivots are free spinning.
Check the arms move in and out easily with the motor detached (low friction).

I suspect your arm length at 5.5" may be just a little too long for 1 motor to handle.
Stronger rubber band assist for out-take direction.
Compound gear down the lifting speed.
Shorten the arms.
Use a second motor.

Good luck.

I had this same issue with my mobile goal in June and i resolved it with tons of rubber banding. I would suggest that you rubber band the 4 bar from the linkage attached to the gear to somewhere above it and closer to the front of the robot so that the rubber bands can assist the lift when in-taking and out-taking. This is important because if you rubber band the 4 bar low or far from the font of the robot then the rubber bands will resist the 4 bar when lifting and will prevent you from being able to intake the mobile goals.

Rubber bands, as the people above me said. But also take each motor and test individually, because I don’t think it’s a mechanical issue. Our mogo lift arms are longer than yours, and we’re using a less torquey ratio, and we don’t have much trouble with lifting big stacks, and we don’t use any rubber bands. I suspect it’s a motor or code issue.

The arm sits at to far an angle back. If you change it so it sits closer to vertical it won’t have as much trouble lifting up. We had this same problem and did this and now our Mogo lift works great. (We are using one torque motor geared 1:5)