mobile goal lifts

How is everyone picking up mobile goals right now I have two linear motors on angles


we have a 4 bar. seems to be the best method.

but I want to make a catapult…

Please do

should I launch from across my field? or should I go for scoring in the neighboring match’s 20 pt zone?

You can always build a RD4B that picks up the mobile goal. Many external stackers do just that.

Score on a different field bro. Gotta get dem style points.

Nah, that’s too easy. What you’ve got to do is make it land upside down on a stationary goal in another match. Then stack a cone on it

so inefficient tho. such a waste of motor power, if you use a dr4b for your mogos. for cones they’re great, but you’ll need a lot of power to get that heavy thing up there.

or, maybe I could try to launch it so far it lands in someone’s zone in a completely different competition…

In all seriousness, a catapult as a skills bot would be very cool to see. If you do actually do it, try to make it where you can launch from the 10pt or from like center field (kinda like nbn).

totally. or rip the stationary goal out of the ground, and launch that into the air, and while its in the air, launch a mogo onto the top, then, still in the air, catapult all 80 cones onto the mogo, and watch it land perfectly.

Pffft, when has being serious ever helped anyone?
Seriously though, at our first comp of this year one of the bots had a linear lifter with pneumatics, so they would raise the goal and use the pneumatics to launch it into the 20 from the 5 zone.

4 Bar…

But on my other bot… 4 bar with a flywheel (hehe)

Good idea. Now lets see if I can find a few dozen motors…

Were using a Four-bar right now but catapult definitely seems the way to go. We’ll probably switch to the catapult though.

or a trebuchet.


maybe a mechanism kind of like a flywheel, except it uses tank treads and large sprockets. It is driven by 8 motors geared for super speed. would be able to fire mobile goals full-auto.