Mobile goal scored?

I tried to find the answer to this in the game manual and in the forums but i havn’t been able to find a clean answer even though I know its a basic question.

  • at the end of auton does a mobile goal count as being scored if it is in a robot (not touching the
    ground) and the robot is fully within the home zone

-like wise does the same thing count or not at the end of the match?

also just to be sure if i was to pick up a goal and drive away from the wp line but not place the goal on the ground (asuming all other conditions are made) would this count for the wp?

(Also in your opinion how hard is it to make a solo wp auton and any tips on how to do it)

Thank you.

It took me about an hour, but I was using a PID that took a while to make. It helps if you have a preload scorer where you can just release the preload easily eg.

We just have to lift our lift to release the preload