Mobile goal scoring questions,

If a mobile goal is cored between two zones how will it be scored. Or will it even be scored at all?

This sounds like a Q&A, if I am wrong. Since I can see your profile is fairly new; when creating a post, on the top-left of the type box there should be a button called “Change Channels.” Click it, then a menu will pop-up showing specific channels you can change the post for.
About your question, though. If your robot is touching two zones, it will be considered scored in the highest scoring zone. Some good information to keep in mind is that the starting bar is considered part of the 5 point zone and the large pipe is considered part of the 10 point zone. So if your mobile goal is supported by the large pipe and is touching the 20 point zone, the mobile goal will be considered in the 20 point zone.

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

  • [TVA] Delta III

I think there was also clarification that, since only one can be scored in the 20-point zone, having a second mostly in the 10-point zone but touching the 20-point zone would qualify it as a second 20-point zone piece (meaning no score since you can only have one there). That problem shouldn’t be hard to avoid, though.