Mobile goal strength issues

On our robot, we have a mogo lift that is powered by 2 motors with a 1:5 gear ratio. The motor output is terrible on one side and we can’t figure out why one side is weaker than the other. We’ve tried changing the motor and motor controller, but nothing has worked permanently and our competition is soon. Any help?

Have you checked the internal gears on the motors?

No, I did not check them. The motor should be okay though; it’s brand new.

Since you have already changed the motor on the slow side, it doesn’t sound like a motor issue.

However if you still suspect the motor then you could try switching the left motor with the right motor. You should also leave the wiring as it was, if the left motor was in port 2, the left should stay in port 2. Now test it, and if the slowness moved to the other side then you know the motor is the issue.

Here are some other things to check:

  1. Friction. It is likely that something is rubbing or out of alignment on the slow side. Look at your construction very carefully. Count at the number of spacers and their sizes, the position of each nut and bolt. Are both sides absolutely identical, or a mirror image of each other?
  2. Motor ports. Ports 1 & 10 behave slightly different than the other motor ports. Essentially they have a quicker reaction time. If for instance the left motor on your mogo was in port 1 and the right was on port 6, then the left might start a split second sooner than the right. The right isn’t really going slower, it’s just giving the left a head start. …and now your mogo is all twisted.

@infinitechVEX if you post some pictures that might help