Mobile Goal Touching Two Zones...

I just saw a question in the official Q&A asking how to score if a mobile goal is touching two zones. Is it even physically possible for a mobile goal to touch two zones…? I guess you could in the 5 point zone - but I can’t see any way that a mobile goal could be touching the 5 and 10 point zone or 10 and 20 point zones simultaneously. There are big pipes in the way… Am I missing something?

If the base is tipped over it can touch the 5 and 10 point zones simultaneously.

Pipes are also part of zones, so touching a zone plus touching a pipe is scored in two zones.

However, he asked if the robot was touching two zones, which is obviously very easily possible even if the pipes weren’t part of zones. Unless we are talking about two different Q&As . . . I assumed you were referring to the “Zones” one that was just asked.

The answer by the way is that it’s not scored at all because it’s touching a robot of the same color. If it weren’t it would be scored in the higher point zone

Which zones are the starting bar and big bar in?

Aha! Yes, I should read more carefully. This is a trick question! You’re right, if it is touching the robot it doesn’t get scored at all.