Mobile Goal With No Motors

Anyone have a good design to push or move mobile goals?

I found this design

my design uses no motors, I have a passive flip down claw(hinge) connected to a mini 4 bar. the whole system goes up and down with a piece of nylon rope, the rope is connected to my arms.

Well ok wondering if you have a pic that would be awesome

Video link.
This design uses a “passive” way to move the mobile goal. It does this with motors and gears that are configured in such a way that if the motors are spun one way, the wheels on the drive are being powered and if one of the motors is reversed the gears can’t mesh together and the motors can spin around the gears, moving the mobile goal mechanism.
I’ve also attached a picture of the gearing mechanism used to accomplish this.
Doing it this way can make it so that you can have a mobile goal lift much like most of the good ones out there while not sacrificing any extra motors for it.

Neat good design but would not work in my part cause we built a x drive but good for next competition

Yeah with the X drive you’ll need a high clearance mogo lift if you want to bring the goal inside the frane of the robot. To get it over the wheels. But if you do a passive one it will still work with the X drive. Just make it on a hinge so it’s inside your robot at the start of the match and flips down once you move your lift. You will have to make the support bars narrower for the X drive, but it still can work.


However you do have to take into account the difference in weight when you pick up the Mobile goal, when you add that much weight outside of the frame on an X-drive your turning and driving may be thrown off by a bit.